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Mega Archive - Helios Hook Download

Only on This zip file contains Helios 1.0 till Helios Hook 4.4!

Download Mega Archive Helios Hook
Download single files
Download Helios Hook 4.4 for Windows 7/8/10 (Info)

    │ ░▒▓█ RELEASE INFORMATION                                            │

      Project : HelioS-Hook
      Version : 4.3
      Coder   : [ELF]HelioS
      Site    :

      Passes  : UnrealTournament
                  * UTPureRC7G
                  * PureCheckerV3
                  * ModMenuChecker
                  * QValidate v111
                  * Noose_v1b
                  * Zu's CSHP8 v12 UPDATED 1/15/04
                  * CSHP ticklepwnsjoo v13 04/05/04
                  * TickP BC (05+2)
                  * AntiFA 4.2
                  * AntiH12_C
                  * NBSP 1.07
                  * UTSHS BC 05+5
                  * UTDC v1.3b
                  * LeagueAS137
                  * Enhanced_UT 2C
                  * ...

                ZeroPing MassMurder
                  * ZeroPing_v100
                  * ZeroPing_v201
                  * ZeroPing_v202
                  * ZeroPing_v203
                  * ZeroPing_v204
                  * ZeroPing_v205
                  * ZeroPing_v210
                  * ZPPure6A
                  * ZPPure6B
                  * ZPPure6C
                  * ZPPure6D
                  * ZPPure6D
                  * ZPPure7C
                  * ZPPure7E
                  * ...

                Tactical Ops
                  * TOST (TOSTProtect
                  * TOP3
                  * xProtect
                  * B][O-Protect
                  * ...

    │ ░▒▓█ INCLUDED FILES                                                 │

      HelioS-Hook.txt              (This File)
      HelioS-Hook.exe              (The Hook)

    │ ░▒▓█ IMPORTANT                                                      │
      * You need the .NET framework 1.1 installed on your PC

      * Read the known bugs section in this readme

    │ ░▒▓█ CHANGES                                                        │

      4.3 : [Changed] The hook now uses something i like to call "Secure Hooking"

      4.2 : [Added] NoWalkBob can now be switched on/off
            [Fixed] Working on TOSTProtect

      4.1 : [Changed] Hooking way
            [Fixed] No need to use the "Fake Linux" option to pass UTDC
            [Fixed] Fps peeking to high and causing lag on the server
            [Note] Use instant rocket fire if you want to aimbot using the rocketlauncher

      4.0 : [Changed] Started as a new project
            [Changed] Coded in c++ .NET
            [Changed] Triggerbot won't fire with Minigun
            [Changed] Panic button changed to Toggle button (HOME key)
            [Added] Sniper only mode in triggerbot
            [Added] Compatible with multiple Engine versions
            [Added] Feature to fake your Operating System to Linux (Needed for UTDC bypass)
            [Fixed] Detection by UTDC v1.3b
            [Fixed] Detection by TOSTProtect
            [Fixed] Showing the correct health on UTPure
            [Fixed] Working on LeagueAS137

      3.2 : [Fixed] Detection by UTDC v1.3
            [Fixed] Detection by TOSTProtect
            [Fixed] Detection by "unknown" server protection
            [Fixed] Crash on Win9x
            [Added] Option to toggle all visual references to the hook
            [Changed] Triggerbot improved
            [Changed] Skinhack is off by default

      3.1 : [Fixed] Detection by UTDC v1.1
            [Added] Ping Tracker
            [Changed] Triggerbot won't fire with Minigun when in instanthit mode
            [Removed] Autodetection of ZeroPing
            [Warning] The hook only works on WinNT based systems, support for Win9x will be added in the next version
            [Note] There is no Trojan/Virus inside the hook, there never was and there never will be

      3.0 : [Fixed] Detection by "unknown" server protection
            [Fixed] Crash bug
            [Changed] Radar appearance
            [Warning] This version does not pass UTDCv11 (yet)

      2.9 : [Fixed] Detection by UTDCv1b
            [Fixed] Nolighting works online and is 100% secure
            [Added] Support for 4 Teams
            [Changed] New way to detect Engine version
            [Changed] Colors are a bit brighter
            [Changed] Lowered ducking Aimheight
            [Changed] Some internal code restructured
            [Warning] Disable Data Execution Prevention (DEP) if you are running WinXP with SP2

      2.8 : [Fixed] Passes TOSTProtect
            [Note]  Tested and fully working on NBSP 1.07

      2.7 : [Fixed] Detection by UTPureRC7E
            [Fixed] Detection by QValidate v111
            [Fixed] AutoAim when holding Grendades or Redeemer
            [Added] AutoAim takes WeaponRange into acount
            [Added] MassMurder support for ZPPure7E
            [Added] Hacked Noose_v1 in archive
            [Changed] Norecoil is off by default to prevent detection by TOSTProtect
            [Changed] RocketLauncher will now aim at the feet
            [Changed] RocketLauncher will now fire instantly

      2.6 : [Fixed] Norecoil being detected by TOSTProtect
            [Fixed] Triggerbot not working correct on UTPure
            [Added] Healthbars (may not work on UTPure)
            [Changed] Radar Cross in both 3D and 2D Radar
            [Changed] Some internal code restructured

      2.5 : [Changed] New GUI Interface
            [Fixed] Detection by TOSTProtect
            [Added] Triggerbot
            [Added] Grenade radar on UT will show Redeemers on 3D Radar

      2.4 : [Fixed] Detection by TOSTProtect
            [Fixed] Detection by AntiH12_C

      2.3 : [Fixed] Detection by TOSTProtect
            [Note]  Tested and fully working on xProtect

      2.2 : [Changed] Menu Interface, use "INSERT" button to toggle
            [Changed] Numpad won't get unbinded as there is no need to anymore
            [Fixed] Weapon being changed to a knife when NoRecoil was active
                    on a TOSTProtect server
            [Fixed] MuzzleFlashes displaying in a wrong color
            [Fixed] Aiming at long distance targets with Melee Weapons
            [Added] ZeroPing MassMurder !!!
            [Added] Autodisabling Ping correction where ZeroPing is detected
            [Added] Multiple AutoAim modes (Off, When Fire, Full)
            [Added] Multiple Radar modes (Off, Box Only, Full)
            [Added] Showing flag carrier in Radar
            [Added] Grenades showing on 3D Radar
            [Added] AimAngle configuration
            [Added] AutoAim Speed configuration
            [Note]  Showing Grenades can cause a heavy framerate drop
            [Note]  Tested and fully working on UTSHS BC 05+5

      2.1 : [Changed] Compiled in VC++ 6 again for you RETARDS that can't
                      even use Windows Update to install .NET FrameWork 1.1
            [Changed] Made AutoAim more secure
            [Added] No black scope when zooming
            [Fixed] Radar being scrambled on TOSTProtect / CWMode
            [Fixed] Detection by TOSTProtect
            [Note]  The Scoreboard/Buymenu may appear bugged depending
                    on your bot settings, this is a known issue

      2.0 : [Needed] .NET Framework 1.1 (Use Windows Update if you don't have it)
            [Changed] Recoded HelioS-Hook in Microsoft Visual C++ .NET (Framework 1.1)
            [Changed] Way of Hooking
            [Changed] New way of AutoAim and AutoFire (still beta)
            [Changed] Aim height for Tactical Ops scope weapons
            [Changed] Panic Button now set to "Break/Pause"
            [Added] Showing WinAmp song title when using WinAmp support
            [Added] Background texture to Hud Menu
            [Added] Improved Error detection
            [Added] Numpad keys will get unbinded automaticly
            [Fixed] Possible crash when using AutoFire
            [Fixed] Hud Menu not showing correct on some OpenGL drivers
            [Fixed] 3D Radar not showing correct on some OpenGL drivers
            [Fixed] 2D Radar not showing correct when looking up and down
            [Fixed] Scrambled radar on some servers/mods
            [Fixed] Detection by TOSTProtect beta
            [Fixed] Detection by UTSHS BC 05+2 and other Variants

      1.9 : [Changed] Version number ;)

      1.8 : [Fixed] Detection by TOSTProtect
            [Fixed] Aiming above the head when target is ducking
            [Note]  GlowHack can lead to a heavy framerate drop

      1.7 : [Added] Option to toggle Ping Correction, good for ZeroPing
            [Fixed] Hooking bug in UTPG patch 451b
            [Fixed] Detection by NBSP 1.04
            [Fixed] Panic button

      1.6 : [Added] Support for UTPG patch 451b
            [Added] Ini support for loader
            [Added] Panic button
            [Fixed] Injection bug on Win9x/ME
            [Fixed] Detection by TOSTProtect beta
            [Fixed] Detection by UTSHSBC05+1
            [Fixed] Detection by CSHP ticklepwnsjoo v13 04/05/04
            [Removed] FastBombDefuse
            [Removed] Console Commands to avoid detection

      1.5 : [Fixed] Detection by TOSTProtect
            [Fixed] Detection by QValidate 1.10

      1.4 : [Fixed] Detection by TOSTProtect
            [Fixed] Bug where players from the previous map are visible
                    on the current map
            [Changed] New Console command prefix to avoid detection
            [Removed] Mass ban exploit for xProtect 3.7

      1.3 : [Fixed] Detection by TOST update
            [Fixed] Detection by xProtect 3.7
            [Added] Play on a xProtect 3.7 server and you will see :P

      1.2 : [Fixed] Detection by TOST security update
            [Fixed] Detection by NBSP 1.03
            [Added] NoRecoil for Tactical Ops
            [Added] NoSmoke for Tactical Ops
            [Added] New Console Commands
            [Note]  New TOST will detect FastBombDefuse
                    this is why FastBombDefuse is off by default
            [Note]  Because QValidate 1.08 is taken offline this hook
                    won't use a new bypassing way

      1.1 : [Fixed] Crash bug exploited by xProtect 3.6
            [Fixed] Detection by QValidate 1.07
            [Added] Passing Zu's CSHP
            [Added] Console Commands

      1.0 : Initial Release

    │ ░▒▓█ INSTALL NOTES                                                  │

      Extract the archive anywhere you want and run HelioS-Hook.exe
      Do not put it in the game directory to avoid easy detection

    │ ░▒▓█ HOW TO USE                                                     │

      Run HelioS-Hook.exe before you run TacticalOps.exe, TOP3.exe
      or UnrealTournament.exe


        * You can close the loader after the hook is loaded inside the game's memory

      While inside the game you can use the following keys

        * INSERT : Toggle the ingame settings menu on/off

        * HOME   : Toggle the Hook on/off

    │ ░▒▓█ FEATURES                                                       │

      All hacks are coded native and don't need any extra uscripted files

        * 3D Player Radar
        * 2D Player Radar
        * 3D Grenade Radar
        * 3D Redeemer Radar
        * Auto Aim
        * Auto Fire
        * Triggerbot
        * WallHack
        * GlowHack
        * SkinHack
        * NoLighting
        * Warning System
        * AdminDisconnect
        * No Viewbob
        * No Recoil
        * No Smoke
        * No BlindTime
        * No Black Sniperscope
        * WinAmp Support
        * MassMurder
        * HealthBars
        * PingTracker

    │ ░▒▓█ KNOWN BUGS                                                     │

      * Possible Injection failior on Windows 2000 (Full Admin access needed)
      * Possible Injection failior with some Anti Virus software
      * Scoreboard/Buymenu may appear bugged depending on the bot settings
      * Playernames may not appear on the 3D Radar
      * Performance loss when using GlowHack or Grenade Radar
      * Healthbars not showing on UTPure protected servers
      * General Protection Error on unknown engine versions either update
        to UT451b by UTPG team or reinstall the official UT 436 No delta patch
      * Possible Injection failior on WinXP with SP2 installed, disable
        Data Execution Prevention (DEP) to get it working
      * Mouse pointer doesn't move, disable "direct input" to fix this

    │ ░▒▓█ CONTACT INFORMATION                                            │

    │ ░▒▓█ THANKS GO OUT TO                                               │

      [ELF] Team    : WE R0X0R Y00 B0X0RS
      [ELF]den_p1p0 : For making me an 1337 loader every new release, thx m8
                      This guy is an evil genius

    │ ░▒▓█ THE ENEMY                                                      │

      EPIC/ATARI    : Fuck them

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