Thursday, May 10, 2012

[Glitch]No recoil

Yeah this works for 3.1.9 but dont think that it works in tacops 3.4. So just try it.
Open console (tab) and type
set engine.s_ak47 VRecoil 0
Before u use it  in a online game, go in a bot game, use this glitch and then you can cheat like a boss in a online game.

This code only works for the ak47. Replace  s_ak47 with
s_glock  to_berreta s_deagle to_ragingbull s_mossberg to_saiga to_hksmg2 s_mac10 s_mp5n to_mp5kpdw s_p85 to_m4m203 to_m4a1 to_m16 to_hk33 to_steyraug s_psg1 to_m60 s_oicw 
to use the glitch on other weapons. As its very stressfull to type it every time u start tacops you can also modify ur user.ini so  you need just to press a button. For more information look here:

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